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Front Cover  by  Laurence Housman

Endpapers by Paul  Woodroffe

Frontispiece  by  Charles Shannon                                                                             [ii]

Title Page                                                                                                                        [iii]

Pear Tree Press Imprint                                                                                               [iv]



When Bony Death Has Chilled Her Gentle Blood  by  John Masefield.             1

The Philosophy of Islands  by  G. K. Chesterton.                                                  2

The Market Girl  by  Thomas Hardy.                                                                      10

Open Sesame  by  Charles Marriott.                                                                       13

To Any Householder  by  Mrs. Meynell.                                                                 31

The Oracles  by  A. E. Housman.                                                                              39

The Genius of Pope  by  Stephen Gwynn.                                                              40

Poor Little Mrs. Villiers  by  Netta Syrett.                                                             53

Blindness  by  John Masefield.                                                                                 74

The Merchant Knight  by  Richard Garnett.                                                          77

Earth’s Martyrs  by  Stephen Phillips.                                                                   112

The Gem and Its Setting  by  Violet Hunt.                                                            115

Marriage in Two Moods  by  Francis Thompson.                                                131

An Indian Road-Tale  by  S. Boulderson.                                                               133

Madame de Warens  by  Havelock Ellis.                                                                136

The Clue  by  Laurence Binyon.                                                                              158

Richard Farquharson  by  May Bateman.                                                              161

Jill’s Cat  by  E. F. Benson.                                                                                         175

Proverbial Romances  by  Laurence Housman.                                                    187

Marriages are Made in
Heaven  by  W. Somerset Maugham.                                                                      209

A Phial  by  John Gray.                                                                                               233

A Concert at Clifford’s Inn  by  John Todhunter.                                                  235



The Dove Cot  by  Charles Hazelwood Shannon.


John Woolman  by  Reginald Savage.                                                                    viii

Psyche’s Looking Glass  by  Charles S. Ricketts.                                                    11

Pan and Psyche  by  T. Sturge Moore.                                                                     29

Queen of the Fishes  by  Lucien Pissarro.                                                               37

Birdalone  by  Bernard Sleigh.                                                                                  51

The Trumpeter  by  E. Gordon Craig.                                                                       75

The Death of Pan  by  Louise Glazier.                                                                       97

Playfellows  by  T. Sturge Moore.                                                                            113

The Crowning of Esther  by  Lucien Pissarro.                                                       129

Daphne and Apollo  by  Elinor Monsell.                                                                 159

The World is old to-night  by  Paul Woodroffe.                                                    173

The Gabled House  by  Sydney Lee.                                                                          185

The Blue Moon  by  Laurence Housman.                                                                 207

The Bather  by  Bernard Sleigh.                                                                                231

    The Editors have to thank the Essex House Press for permission
to print the “John Woolman” engraving of Mr. Reginald Savage;
Mr. Alexander Moring for the use of Mr. Paul Woodroffe’s illus-
tration to the song “ The World is Old To-night,” published with
music by the De La More Press; and Mr. John Murray for first
use of “ The Blue Moon ” title-page.

Pear Tree Press Colophon                                                                                           251

Endpapers by Paul Woodroffe

Back Cover

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