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The Yellow Nineties 2.0 magazine rack features searchable digital editions of eight fin-de-siècle little magazines in the context of their production and reception. As each title is published in marked-up format, it is accompanied by a General Overview of the magazine. Each volume within the print run has a Critical Introduction. Whenever possible, promotional materials and reviews are included for each title. Completed editions include The  Dial (1889-1897), The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal (1895-1896/7), The Pagan Review (1892), The Pageant (1896/7) and The Yellow Book (1894-1897). The Savoy (1896), The Green Sheaf (1903-4) and The Venture (1903/5) are in progress.

Yellow Nineties 2.0 is generously supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 

The Evergreen
The Yellow Book
The Savoy
The Dial
The Pagan Review
The Green Sheaf
The Pageant
The Venture