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Figure 1

Figure 1. Nellie Syrett, “Time is Short, Life is Short,” The Quarto, vol. 2, 1896


Dom Bruno Destrée (Olivier Georges Destrée), photograph taken before 1919, Wikimedia Commons

Dante Gabriel Rossetti NPG licenced

“Dante Gabriel Rossetti”. Self-Portrait circa 1870. Watercolour and Ink. 3 7/8 in. x 3 1/8 in. (98 mm x 79 mm). © National Portrait Gallery,…


“Ethel Reed”. Photograph by Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1890. Frances Benjamin Johnston Collection, Library of Congress, via Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.


W. Somerset Maugham, (University of Washington). Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.


Arthur Rimbaud. Photograph by Étienne Carjat, c. 1872. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris. Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons.