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Whistler-Mallarme portrait

James McNeill Whistler, “Stéphane Mallarmé,” lithograph. Portrait frontispiece for Vers et Prose, 1892. Public domain, via The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Harris Brisbane Dick Fund,…

Figure 4

Figure 4. Nellie Syrett, Painted Silk Fan in The Studio (1902), Plate 15

Figure 3

Figure 3. Nellie Syrett, Cover design for The Other Side of the Sun (1900)

Figure 2

Figure 2. Nellie Syrett, “The Dream Garden,” Frontispiece to The Dream Garden: A Children’s Annual (1905)

Figure 5

Figure 5. Helen Thorp (aka Nellie Syrett), Cabinet Decoration, in Friends and Adventures, 1931, p. 86