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Yeats, John. Frederick York Powell. Drawing reproduced in the Supplement to The Green Sheaf, No. 13, 1904, by the kind permission of Oliver Elton.

AE Housman

A.E. Housman, aged 35. Photograph. A.E. Housman: Some Poems, Some Letters, and a Personal Memoir by his Brother Laurence Housman (1937). The Victorian Web. Public…


Victoria Cross. Photographic Portrait by Bassano Ltd. Whole-plate glass negative, 2 March 1915. ©National Portrait Gallery.


Photograph of Charlotte Mew, c. 1900. Frontispiece for The Rambling Sailor (1929), Wikimedia Commons.


Charles Haslewood Shannon, self-portrait, 1897, © National Portrait Gallery, London

Carman Portrait

“Mr. Bliss Carman.” Drawn from Life by Dawson Watson. The Chap-Book, vol. 5, no. 8, 1894, p. 352. Digitized by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Library.…