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Two Songs

By Charles Sydney


MY love is selfish and unfair,
    Her kisses fall so thick and fast,
That while I wait to give my share,
    The priceless time is past.

And I have been to blame till now,
    For I have let her do her will ;
I thought it courteous to allow
    My love to take her fill,

Trusting a time would quickly be,
    When she would stay and look for mine ;
But having borne it patiently,
    I will no longer pine.

I’ll fold her in my arms to-night,
    And justice on her lips I’ll wreak :
I’ll teach my love to know the right,
    And not oppress the meek !


                        190 Two Songs

BEAR thyself with formal gait,
    Be thy language all sedate ;
Thy opinions take on trust,
    Take gold for thy only lust.

Shun belief devout or deep,
    Ever to the safe side keep ;
Let thy hollow laugh be framed
    To the joke by all acclaimed.

Never for pure charity
    Level a disparity ;
Farm thy favour to a fool,
    Make his gratitude thy tool.

Let thy conscience be a thing
    Like a clock to go, and ring
Just that time the hour doth mark.
    Let some other light the dark !

Friend and wife a bargain buy
    There where state and money lie ;
Claim a goodly cenotaph,
    Buy a lying epitaph !

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