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From The Dial: “The Fifth Issue of ‘The Yellow Bookʼ”

“The Yellow Book” has been made
the victim of a good deal of abuse
on account of its decadent tendencies
in both literature and art, the abuse, although ex-
travagant, not being entirely unwarranted. But the
publication seems to survive in spite of attack, and
now comes up smiling with its fifth quarterly issue,
dated April, 1895, and supplied in this country by
Messrs. Copeland & Day. Among the contents of
this volume we note an amusing story by Mr. H. D.
Traill ; a forced and turgid ode by Mr. William
Watson ; “The Phantasies of Philarete,” a story by
Mr. James Ashcroft Noble ; one of Dr. Garnett’s
finely-chiselled sonnets ; a charming sketch (in
French) by M. Anatole France, and an appreciative
study of that writer by the Hon. Maurice Baring.
A periodical that can boast of such collaboration as
this, and of contributions by Messrs. Gosse, Ken-
neth Grahame, Henry Harland, and John Davidson
besides—all within the compass of a single issue—
need not fear to lift its head boldly in the most crit-
ical of literary circles. For the art of the present
volume, there is not much to be said. It is some-
times interesting, but that is all.

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