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From The Bookman: Review of The Yellow Book

THE YELLOW BOOK. Vol. 4. 5s. net. (John Lane.)

There is greater average merit in the latest number of the
Yellow Book than in the former ones, but there is no one
feature that stands out prominently, unless it be the fear-
some picture of Mr. George Moore, which is calculated to
justify all the obstinate prejudices of librarians. Of the
fiction, by far the best thing is the editor‘s own story, “The
Bohemian Girl.” Mr. Ashcroft Noble‘s paper on “Mr.
Stevenson’s Forerunner,” by which he means Alexander
Smith, is a sympathetic and grateful tribute to the real merits
of an almost forgotten essayist. Mr. Norman Hopgood
writes in a rather awkward, but decidedly vigorous and
original manner on Henri Beyle, otherwise Stendhal; and
the article has thought in it, and reveals a true capacity for
criticism. Among the other literary contributors may be
mentioned Mr. Le Gallienne, Mr. Marriott Watson, Miss
Ménie Muriel Dowie, Mr. Max Beerbohm, and
Mr. John Davidson.

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