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From The Critic: “London Letter”

The second number of The Yellow Book is to be out next
Monday, and it is reported that it will be great improvement upon
the first. For one thing, it is to be 100 pages larger. Mr. Henry
James will, I am told, again contribute a story, this time of some
70 pages; Mr. Frederick Greenwood writes upon “The Gospel of
Content” ; Mr. Austin Dobson, Mr. William Watson, Mr. John
Davidson, Mr. Norman Gale and Mr. Alfred Hayes send poems;
and there will also be work from Mr. Philip Gilbert Hamerton,
Mr. Kenneth Grahame, Mr. Hubert Crackanthorpe and the
French décadent , M. Dauphin Meunier. It appears, further, that
Mr. Max Beerbohm has not been silenced by the criticism which
overwhelmed his essay in the first number, for he comes up again
to the test in number two. Mr. Beardsley will have some six il-
lustrations (by the way, he has just executed a new poster, more
unintelligible than its predecessors), and other artists contributing
are Mr. Walter Crane, Mr. John S. Sargent, Mr. Wilson Steer
and Mr. Walter Sickert. What more there is we shall see on
Monday or Tuesday.

MLA citation:

Waugh, Arthur. “London Letter.” Review of The Yellow Book, vol. 2, July 1894, The Critic, 21 July 1894, p. 42. Yellow Nineties 2.0, Edited by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Ryerson University Centre for Digital Humanities, 2019.