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From The Literary World: “London Letter”

The Yellow Book of Messrs. Matthews & Lane
seems to have disappointed most of the re-
viewers. To my mind it is just a rather elabo-
rate magazine, not differing greatly from other
magazines except by displaying the eccentric
influence of Mr. Aubrey Beardsley, which gives
it its individuality. Mr. Henry James‘ “Death of
the Lion,” with its close portraiture of George
Meredith, is the principal literary contribution.
Miss Ella D’Arcy, a new writer, contributes a
grim little story of an unequal marriage, which
has the distinct note of inevitable tragedy. Mr.
Crackanthorpe is strong and ugly in “A Modern
Melodrama,” and Mr. George Moore and John
Oliver Hobbes contribute a cynical little drama,
which seems to be all Hobbes and no Moore.
These are the most notable items.


MLA citation:

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