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From The Literary World: “The Yellow Book”

Here it is, a whole volume of it, Volume XI
for October 1896, an illustrated amall quarto of
342 pages, taking its sensational name from its
flaming yellow cover, and gathering twenty-two
chapters on literature and twelve chapters on art
from a variety of writers of the new impres-
sionist school. These chapters are for the most
part fragments of fiction, but some are critical,
and when we say that one of the latter extols
D’Annunzio, we have indicated something of
the point of view. As for the pictures, that
on the cover is one of those hideous parodies
on art which the poster world has made so
fashionable and notorious. The ornamental
title page is better, the plate following is another
of the monstrositites that would not eslsewhere
be tolerated outside of a nersery book of the
most primitive description, one is a good por-
trait of Mr. G. S. Street, another is a rather
striking suggestion of a woman’s head in pro-
file, another a fine study of horses’ heads in
action, two others are effective rift views on
the coast of Wales and the Isle of Man. The
Yellow Book caters to an exceptional taste, like
olives, or caviare, or some other uncommon dish,
with a flavor of its own, and is rather heavily
spiced. [John Lane. $1.50.]

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