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The decorated title page is printed in black and red ink. At the top of the page, “THE VENTURE” is printed in large red capital letters. The subtitle “AN ANNUAL OF ART AND LITERATURE” is printed in smaller black capital letters below the title. Beneath the letterpress, there is a decorative red square with the initials “JB” encircled in a laurel wreath with black leaves. Running diagonally from each corner of the square, a black bow and arrow crosses behind the wreath, over top of the initials. The letters “MCMV.” (1905) appear in large red capital letters centered beneath the square. “JOHN BAILLIE / ONE PRINCES TERRACE /HEREFORD ROAD /LONDON.W.” is printed in four lines in smaller black capital letters. Under this text, in the bottom center of the title page, is a small red rectangle with a red border. The letters “RLB” are printed in small capital letters in the center of the small red rectangle. There are two black torches with black and red flames framing the outer right and left sides of the decorated text. Above each torch is a laurel wreath with red leaves, a black center, and a black ribbon tied at the bottom and extending outwards. At each outer corner of the title page are small decorative squares; the top squares are printed in black and the bottom squares are printed in red.