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The coloured image is in portrait orientation and is positioned in the upper section of the page. The image is enclosed in a narrow back border. In the right foreground, a tall woman with orange hair is standing facing forwards. She is looking down towards the bottom left at the small child next to her. She is wearing a long flowing white gown with long sleeves and a blue pendant around her neck. She is holding a garland of small blue, yellow, pink, and orange flowers up to her chest in front of her. The small child in the left foreground stands in right profile looking at the woman, and slightly behind her.. They have short dark hair and are wearing a white dress with pantaloons or bloomers underneath; a pink slipper is visible on their extended right leg. They are looking upwards at the woman, holding up a bouquet of flowering branches in their left hand and a bundle of blue petals or flowers in their right. In the background, descending from the top right to bottom left, swirl blue, yellow, orange, and pink leaves or petals. The image is inscribed at the bottom right corner with the monogram of the artist.