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The tonal photogravure of the painting is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. The image shows three women in a bathing chamber: two assistants, and one bather. Venus, the titular woman in the foreground, is standing in a small bath filled with water that is reaching her upper thighs; a white rose floats in the water in front of her. She is unclothed and her head is slightly tilted to the right. Her right hand is in her hair and her left arm is reaching above her head. Behind the unclothed woman is a black screen with three panels. Behind her on either stand women in dark full-length dresses. The woman on the left is holding a large white cloth and looking down towards the bathing woman. The woman on the right is holding a mirror, a jewelry box, and jewelry. There is a small circular mirror in the upper center of the wall behind them. In the bottom left foreground, sitting on the edge of the bath, there is a teapot on a platter.