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The tonal image is in portrait orientation and is located in the center of the page, tipped in on dark art paper. The photogravure of the relief sculpture presents a darkened image of the crucifixion, symbolically representing redemption by including the figures of Adam and Eve at the base of the cross. Christ is on the cross, with his head tilted downward, toward Adam and Eve on either side of him below.. There is a dark garment around the back of Christ’s’ neck that rests on either side of his body. Another dark garment is wrapped around Christ’s waist, binding him to Adam and Eve. On the left, Adam is crouched by the foot of the cross, with a serpent around his feet; he holds a chalice up to Christ to catch his blood. Eve is crouched at the foot of the cross on the right of Christ, wearing a belt made out of leaves and holding a chalice up to catch Christ’s blood. Below the image on the wall behind it is the Latin inscription: “AVE, REDEMPTOR, REDIMO, CORP.”