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The tonal image is in landscape orientation and is tipped in the upper half of the page. The classical scene shows a small child reunited with his parents while Roman soldiers look on. At right, a small child wearing a white long-sleeved dress leaves a group of soldiers to run toward a standing man and kneeling woman in the center of the image. The woman is in right-profile and is on her knees with her arms outstretched towards the child. The man standing behind her has his hands lifted in the air. Partially cropped out of the far right of the image are three soldiers wearing togas, vests, laced sandals, and helmets. One soldier is on horseback and two are on the ground. One of these is bent forward and has his arm outstretched behind the departing child’s back, and the other stands with his back to the viewer. In the left background, two large columns stand adjacent to each other, marking an entrance to the town on a hill in the distance.