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The tonal image is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. The image shows a large, two-headed giant, standing on the threshold of a castle, looking down at a small boy, who looks up at him. The giant is shown standing at right, facing left, and takes up most of the image. In comparison, the boy is very small and only reaches the giant’s calves. The giant’s two heads have pale, squinting eyes, long noses, pointing ears, and grinning smiles. The heads are mostly bald but have some short curly hair. The giant is wearing a medallion around his neck, a short-sleeved shirt, and a light piece of fabric tied around his waist. He is also wearing small pieces of fabric tied around his arms and legs, and has pointed shoes. Behind his back, the giant holds a club with spikes, and a spiked ball and chain. His knees are slightly bent, and he is leaning towards the boy in the bottom left foreground. The boy stands facing the giant with his feet apart and hands crossed in front of him; his back is to the viewer. He is wearing light colored tights and a dark vest. The boy has a sword in his belt on his left side and a small satchel on his waist on the right side. To the left of the giant and boy is a tall stone pillar and step; in the background at left, there is a cobblestone pathway leading to a courtyard with buildings.