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The square image is in portrait orientation in the center of the page. In the foreground, a man in a helmet (Oedipus) is seated with his knees drawn up, facing forward.. He is holding his face with his right hand and holding the claw/paw of an animal (the Sphinx) in his left hand. The man is wearing a helmet and armored boots; his upper-body and lower legs are bare. He is holding a sword across his lap and has a large bow slung behind his back. There is a round, point-tipped shield underneath his left arm. On the ground beneath the man is a heap of disfigured limbs, including a head in right-profile wearing a beaded crown/headband, with smoke escaping from its lips. There is a flagpole with a white flag dug into the ground, standing upright, to the man’s left. In the middle ground behind him are waves or flames; the background depicts the columns and arches of structures in ruins.