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The etching is centered on the page and is printed in sepia tones. A large house enshrouded in moss and shrubs is depicted on the other side of a residential street. The house has seven windows: three on the first floor, three on the second floor, and one in the lower level on the left of the building. On the top floor of the house there is a large sign with the words: “VALUABLE FREEHOLD HOUSES TO BE LET OR SOLD – CRAVES & SON.” A small chimney protrudes from the top center of the house. Wrought iron fencing separates the property from the sidewalk; a gateway leads to the front door at the center of the house. In the bottom right foreground, woman in a wide-brimmed hat, full-length dress, and jacket is walking on the street in front of house. An inscription “Monk Oct 12th 1896” is located in the bottom right corner of the image.