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The black-and-white image is in portrait orientation and is tipped in on the center of the page. The image depicts an outdoor scene in which a crowd of people is moving in procession from right to left. In the extreme foreground, near the bottom right corner, a young girl with her hair tied back in a bow walks forward, holding out the bottom of her apron in curtsy position. Immediately behind her are a man and woman, who turn to each other to converse. The man is dressed in a Renaissance-style doublet and leggings, wears a turban or rounded crown made of fabric, and carries a baton or pace. The woman to his right wears a long, light-coloured dress covered by a heart-stamped apron and a feathered turban or hat; she is also carrying a baton or pace stick. Behind this couple, a jester brandishing loops of bells in each hand is elevated on a barrel. Behind the jester, there are two men on stilts wearing tall, rounded hats; behind them is a large crowd of people, dancing. There are tall trees in the right background and a hilled landscape in the far distance behind the crowd. There are two birds in the sky to the left of the jester. There is a small inscription “JHL 1904” on the bottom left corner of the image.