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The tonal reproduction is in landscape orientation and is centered on the page. The image depicts three women seated in the foreground. The woman seated on the left is in a slight right-profile looking forward. Her hair is dark and is tied into a bun on top of her head. Her right hand is placed on the ground in front of her and her left hand is in her lap facing upwards with an open palm. She is wearing a loose dark robe (kimona) with lightly coloured floral patterns. The woman in the middle is seated in left-profile, looking down.. Her hair is dark and tied in a low bun. She is wearing a light kimono with black sleeve cuffs, sash, and collar. She is wearing a necklace and a bracelet. Her left hand is placed on her lap with an open palm. The woman on the right is facing forwards with one knee bent and her head tilted slightly to the right. Her hair is dark, in a low bun, tied with a black ribbon. She is wearing a loose dark kimona with a light undershirt. Her right hand is resting on the upper back of the woman in the middle, and her left hand is resting on her knee. In the background, there is a hilled landscape (with a path or stream) and clouds in the distance; this may be a painted backdrop, rather than a natural view.