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Each page (verso and recto) of the opening is divided vertically into four narrow, rectangular columns, printed in green. The columns are separated by about half a centimetre of open space between them, but are connected by green spiralling foliage growing upwards from their base. At the top of each column, the branches intertwine and blossom into three round-shaped flowers, all facing to the right; on their stems are clusters of trefoil leaves. The stems form in spirals, connecting to the adjacent column on their right. About two-thirds of the way up each column, a small green bird is perched on a leaf, facing to the left; behind each bird are three speckled berries or buds. About one-third up from the base of each column, the stem branches into a five-leaf vine. The artist has signed with a green capital letter “H” in the bottom corner of the leftmost column, and the green capital letter “N” in the bottom corner of the rightmost column.