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The image is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. In the foreground, five men bow their heads and look towards an angel with large wings, a halo, and a draped garment covering her whole body except for her head, hands, and feet. The angel is descending from the top left of the image. The men are enclosed in a fenced area which is lined with bundles of hay. The man furthest to the right is wearing a wide-brimmed hat, a fur coat, high boots, and is holding a tall staff. Directly to his left, two men wearing hooded robes are in a crouched position facing the angel. In the center of the image, a man is not showing his face. His head is tucked into its body which is fully covered by a large blanket. The fifth man is wearing a hooded robe and is depicted closest to the angel on the left. He is sitting and looking upwards towards the angel. In the background, the sky is dark and crowded with small stars. In the middle of the dark sky, one star which is significantly bigger from the many others is shooting upwards, leaving a long tail tracing its path. In the right background, a mountainous, rectangular shaped mineral mountain is depicted.