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The image is in portrait orientation and is centered in the upper region of the page. In the foreground, a tall adult woman on a stone pathway. Only her left side-profile is visible. The woman is holding three flowers with short stems in her hands and is looking downwards towards them. She is wearing a white head garment and a long gown which trails behind her. The gown is lightly coloured and is decorated with spotted dark long sleeves. The woman is standing on a pathway which is surrounded by a garden of neatly trimmed grass and small flowers. In the background, a stone bridge curves from the left side of the image to the right, leading over a small stream towards a street of trees and buildings in the far distance. Beneath the bridge there is a man on a small paddle-boat. He is wearing a small hat and a speckled robe. The man is holding a wooden paddle and is looking in the direction of the woman in the foreground. The image is printed in black ink.