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The image is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page. The image is printed in black ink. In the foreground of the image, two men in 18th century dress are conversing with each other in a wooden room or public house; in the background two men are seated at a table by a window and one is standing . On the floor to the right of the foreground figures is a trap door; inside the lower room a vat or cask can be glimpsed. The man on the far left is leaning against the wall behind him, and shows in profile facing right. He is wearing black and appears to be in a Quaker dress. He has shoulder-length hair, is clothed in a dark robe which covers his arms and legs, and is wearing a wide-brimmed hat. He has one finger in the air, and his other hand is placed on the man conversing with him. His lips are slightly open and his head is tilted upwards. The man on the right of this figure faces the viewer frontally, but is looking downward to the other man’s shoulder. He appears to be the owner of the pub and is dressed in a light -coloured shirt with rolled up sleeves ,and has a cloth over his shoulder. His eyes are focused downward and he is smiling. In the background, two men with swords are sitting on a bench around a table facing the window at the back of the room. Only their backs are visible. There is a third man on the right with long hair and a dark hat. He is smoking and his arms are outstretched over the table and he is holding a bowl.