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The image is within a small, circular, border and is centered in the upper region of the page. The image is printed in black ink. In the foreground, a naked woman (Psyche) is in a small room with dark, rectangular-paneled walls and checkered black-and-white flooring. She has long dark hair which is decorated with small white flowers. The woman is facing to the right, sitting on a stool draped in cloth, and is looking down into a circular looking glass held by a hand emerging from the wall in front of her on the right side of the room. The hand emerging from the left holds a single flower with a long stem. Three small birds are present on the checkered floor. Two birds are at the woman’s feet. One of them appears to be drinking from a small pond embedded in the middle of the floor. The third bird is in the background left of the image and is looking upwards towards the hand holding a flower.