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The image is in portrait orientation and is centered in the upper region of the page within a rectangular border. The image is printed in black ink. In the foreground, there are three young women. The young woman on the left is wearing a crown decorated with jewels. Her hair is tied back in a bun and she is wearing a simple lightly coloured dress with long sleeves. The young woman is sitting in a three-quarter profile with her back to the viewer on a wooden chest which is ornamented on the bottom left with a single shell. In her left hand, she holds the skeleton of a long human arm. Her right hand is held upwards and is pointing with one finger. The other two women in the image are positioned lower to the ground than the woman with the crown. One of the women is kneeling to the right of her and has her hands pressed together in prayer position. She has long dark hair, is smiling, and is unclothed. The other woman on the ground is sitting with her shoulders curved forward. She also has long dark hair and is unclothed, but she is frowning. Her gaze is positioned downwards towards the ground. The background is a somewhat indistinguishable space occupied by scaled figures with long tails and fish. On the bottom left of the image, four crustaceans are walking on the ground beneath the woman with the crown. Horizontal wave lines over the figures suggest they are under water.