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The image is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page within a black rectilinear border. The image is printed in black ink. In the foreground, a woman with a dark, floral patterned hooded dress stands in the center of a crowd of seven women in various patterned dresses and headscarves. The woman’s hands are clasped together in front of her, and her head is tilted slightly to the right as she looks towards the ground. The woman is being crowned by the tall man standing on the right. The man is wearing a lightly coloured floral robe and a large headpiece which covers most of his head leaving only his face and long beard exposed. In the bottom left foreground, another woman is depicted kneeling beside the woman being crowned. She is wearing a dotted outfit and has her hands in a piece of fabric. In the left background there is a woodland area composed mostly of treetops. In the right background, there is a curtain separating the crowd of women and two men from the woodlands.