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The image is in landscape orientation and is positioned in the upper center of the page within a rectilinear border. The image is printed in black ink. In the foreground, a woman (Psyche) is sitting in the arms of a giant, folkloric tree-man (Pan) who stems upwards from the land beneath them. The tree-man’s upper body is positioned above the ground and his lower body is attached to the land beneath the woman. His head is looking downwards towards the woman he is holding, and his arms surround her waistline. The woman is young, unclothed, and has long hair which is tied at the base of her neck and falls around her lap and feet. Her hands are interlocked together on her lap. The woman appears to be smiling slightly. In the middle ground is a flowing body of water. In the background is a mountainous landscape. A small waning crescent moon is depicted at the top left of the image and birds are flying in a “v” formation over the heads of Pan and Psyche into the mountains.