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The image is in landscape orientation and is centered in the upper region of the page within a rectilinear border. The image printed in black ink. In the foreground there are three distinctive figures. They are all unclothed and on a shore. The first is a woman on the left with light long hair and a dark body. She is in a kneeling position, her arms are bent upwards near her face, and her hands are clasped in fists. She is reaching towards the right. There is a small rock beneath her knee. In the center foreground there is a young child with long hair. The child has one foot on the ground and the other is being grasped by an indistinct figure in the background. One of the child’s hands is being used to shield his or her face, and the other is being used to hold onto the woman on the right whose body is sprawled on the flat ground. The woman on the right is facing forward and is using her left hand to prop herself up onto a small structure. In the background, the sails and hulls of three ships are depicted moving from right to left.