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The image is in portrait orientation and is centered on the page within a rectangular border. The image printed in black ink. The front of a lightly coloured Tudor-style house is centered in the foreground of the image. The house is on the corner of a street and is four stories high. There are two-paneled windows in the middle of every story except for the first floor. Each storey slightly increases in length from the bottom to the top, protruding on the left. The house is attached to a bricked building on the right. The brick building is only partially depicted. There are three small figures depicted in the image. Two men are positioned to the right of the house’s front door. One is leaning on the door frame facing forward, and the other is facing towards the front of the house. A woman is standing at the corner of the street, to the left of the house. In the bottom left foreground, a carriage is entering the image. A shovel is positioned close to the front of the image’s bottom right. In the background left, more houses line the street but are darkened by the shadow of the house in the foreground.