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The image is in portrait orientation, centered on the page, and surrounded by a rectilinear border. In the right foreground, a man stands upright with his body facing forward and his head turned to the left. The man is wearing a long dark robe that is patterned with parallel horizontal lines, circles, and a long set of buttons that extends from his collar to the bottom of the robe, which is decorated with tassels. His sleeves are lightly coloured with dark dots. The man is wearing a long headscarf of the same fabric as his undershirt, which drapes around the top and side of his head, leaving only his face and beard exposed. He is wearing black shoes with white crosses on them. The man has one arm outstretched to his left and is holding a large trumpet to his lips. The background of the image is a pale colour with three grey humps, decorated with horizontal lines, descending from left to right. The man’s shadow is present on the ground. In the bottom-right corner, there is a small, square-shaped, inscribed box with swirling initials on it. The image is printed in black ink on pale paper.