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                                       THE PAGAN REVIEW.


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                                    Three Months,   „   „   3-/

    * Subscribed copies MAY be the only obtainable copies. In
any case, they will be send to subscribers in advance of all other

    ⁂ FOREIGN orders may be despatched, if more convenient,
through M. Léon Vanier, Libraire-Editeur, 19, Quai St. Michel,

    AMERICAN: through Messrs. Chas. Webster & Co, 67, Fifth
Avenue, New York.


                                             In Preparation.

                                  THE TOWER OF SILENCE:
                                             A Drama, in Prose
                                    By GEORGE GASCOIGNE.

“Of deeds most dreadful none greater than this which thou hast done.”
                                                      EURIPEDES (Electra).

    ⁂ As this Drama, which deals with a very terrible central
incident and with a strange psychical problem, may be issued
only privately, there may be some readers of The Pagan Review
who may care to have their names put on record in advance as
subscribers on publication. Only a few copies will be disposable
in any case.
(Price, Five Shillings.)


                                        W.S. FANSHAWE
                                                (see over.)

                                    [To be issued privately.]


                                    DRAMATIC INTERLUDES,
                                                                        W.S. FANSHAWE.

                        I. The Passion of Pere Hilarion.
                        II. The Birth of a Soul.
                        III. The Coming of the Prince.
                        IV. A Northern Night.
                        V. The Black Madonna.
                        VI. Finis.
                        VII. The Fallen God.
                        VIII. The Last Quest.
                        IX. The Lute Player
                              The Passing of Lilith.

    Some of these pieces are “dramatic interludes” of the outer life, others
of the life of the soul (NOS. II, VI, VII, and VIII). With the latter should
be included “The Lute Player” and “The Passing of Lilith,” though
less dramatic in form. “The Black Madonna,” a study in contemporary
barbarism, appears in this number of The Pagan Review.

    ⁂The Edition (which will be ready for subscribers in a few weeks)
is limited to 200 copies. Numbered copies, price 5-/ post-paid, are to be
had ONLY FROM THE AUTHOR, Mr. W.S. FANSHAWE, c/o Mr. W.H. Brooks,
Buck’s Green, Rudgwick, Sussex. Lest any miscarriage or delay occur,
owing to Mr. Fanshawe’s absence abroad, Mr. Brooks has kindly under-
taken to attend to any correspondence. W.S.F.


                             NEW BOOKS IN PREPARATION.


La Mort s’Amuse
        (Barbaric Studies)
                by Charles Verlayne

The Hazard of Love
        A Romance,
                by JAMES MARAZION.


English Poems.

Dionysos in India:
        A Lyrical Drama,
                by WM. WINDOVER.

Living Scottish Poets:
        An Anthology
(including Mr. Robert Buchanan, Mr. Andrew
Lang, Mr. R.L. Stevenson, Mr. William Sharp,
Dr. Walter C. Smith &, &.)

    by Sir GEORGE DOUGLAS, Bart.

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