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This line-block reproduction of Beardsley’s pen-and-ink drawing is in portrait orientation with a double-lined border around the perimeter. The illustration’s background is inked black with many white dots dispersed throughout. In a white square in the bottom right corner of the image are the author’s initials, “AB,” inked in black. Around the initials there are some leaves and flowers. Above the initials and extending up most of the right side is a grey column with garlands of roses spiraling up it. A man with his back to the viewer stands to the left of the column, holding onto near the top of the column with his right hand. He stands at a distance from the column but he is bent to the right at the waist to reach the column. He has long black hair which extends down his back to his shoulder blades. He is wearing a long sleeved tailcoat and baggy pants textured in parallel black lines running down it. He is wearing plain white slippers tied with a bow. In front of him, on the left of the page, two seated female figures face the viewer and look to their left at the male figure. The woman on the left has black hair that extends past her ears, and is wearing a feathered plume. Her low-cut, off-the-shoulder bodice is made of a dotted pattern, and a white sash extends from her right hip down to the floor. Her long full skirt is decorated with roses. It covers the lower half of the woman to her left, and extends toward the man on the right The woman beside and slightly behind her has black hair resting on her right shoulder; her dress is black like the background so that her neck and upper chest are all that is visible. She has a rose in her bosom.