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The unframed title page, in portrait orientation, combines a line-block reproduction of a pen-and-ink design with letterpress. The image shows one figure [a Pierrot] riding a winged horse [a Pegasus] in the centre of the page with publishing information printed in the surrounding area. In the upper left corner is the text: “THE” [large caps] and one line below the text: “SAVOY” [large caps]. These two lines of text are left-aligned and indicate the title: “THE SAVOY” [caps]. To the right side of the page and appearing in line with the centre of the title text is the editing information: “EDITED BY ARTHUR SYMONS” [small caps]. Below the title on the left side of the page, still in about the top third, is the text: “No. 8 and last”, and below that the text: “December”, and below that line: “1896”. These three lines are centered with each other. To the right of this text is the image of the figure on the horse. The horse and figure are facing towards the left; the horse is in profile and the figure is turned to face the viewer. The horse is rearing, with both front legs lifted up into the air. The horse spans the width of the page and is about half of the page height. The horse has a long tail trailing behind. The horse’s mouth is slightly opened and the pointed ears are pulled back. The mane is curled and a few pieces fall forwards toward the eyes. The horse has large wings emerging from the sides of its ribcage. The wings are made up of many feathers of various sizes and are formed like eagle wings, with a smaller section on the bottom half and a larger pointed portion of wing on the top half. Between the wings sits a male figure dressed like a Pierrot or clown. The figure has his upper body turned to face the viewer, with both arms opened wide and lifted up into the air. He is wearing slippers with a bow on the toe, baggy pants that fall just above the ankle, and a baggy shirt that has buttons up the front. The shirt has large ruffles on the sleeve hems and a large ruffle around the figure’s neck, finished with a ruff and flowing, loosely tied bow. He is wearing a white three-cornered hat. The figure has a long whip in his right hand that extends high above him. A feather pen and paint brush extend over his shoulder behind his back, and a banner or pennant flows behind him. To the right of the centre of the horse and figure, just below the right wing tip, is the small text: “A B.” [caps]. A Latin epigraph appears just below the belly of the horse, very small and italicized, which reads: “Ne luppiter quidem omnibus placet” [Not even Jupiter can please everyone]. Centered below are the three final lines of text. The first line, and largest sized text of the three, reads: “LEONARD SMITHERS” [caps]. The second line reads: “4 & 5 ROYAL ARCADE, OLD BOND STREET” [caps]. The third and final line centered below is the mid-size between the above two lines, and it reads: “LONDON W” [caps].