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The triple-lined title page, in portrait orientation, combines a line-block reproduction of a pen-and-ink design with letterpress. Across the top of the page, in fancy black lettering, appears the title: “THE SAVOY” [large caps]. This title is done in a unique calligraphy consisting of flowers for the thicker sections of words and stems for the thinner parts. Halfway down the page, on the right, is is the subtitle in smaller font that reads: “AN ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY” [caps]. On the line below and printed in a lighter font reads: “EDITED BY ARTHUR SYMONS” [small caps]. On the subsequent line below is printed: “No. 8 and last”. In bigger font below that the date of publication reads: “December 1896.” And below that reads: “Price 2/-”. Below the title and to the left of the publishing information sits a figure, possibly a Pierrot, that takes up the majority of the left half of the page. The figure, who seems to be male, is sitting on a stool facing right; the stool is tilted forward with the back legs off the ground. He has his hands in his trouser pockets and a furrowed brow. He has curly black hair that extends part way down his neck and a grey cap over top. The figure has a white ascot tied around his neck and a loose white tunic tucked into baggy white trousers. He has an unbuttoned overcoat, the edges of which are black and textured like thick fur. The figure is wearing plain slippers.