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The framed illustration, in portrait orientation, uses a line-block reproduction of Beerbohm’s pen-and-ink design. “CARICATURES OF TWENTY-FIVE GENTLEMEN” [caps] is hand-lettered in the top left of the image. “BY MAX BEERBOHM” [caps], is hand-lettered in the bottom right corner in a comparatively smaller font. The illustration is of a Pierrot type figure in all white, wearing a three-buttoned coat with a ruff and a top hat. The figure is facing the viewer with his left hand outstretched; in it he holds a quill pen that is the height of the illustration. Atop the quill is a frowning cartoonish face, sporting a tall crinkled top hat to match the Pierrot’s straight top hat. The Pierrot figure is a caricature of Max Beerbohm himself.