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The framed illustration, in portrait orientation, uses a line-block reproduction of Beardsley’s pen-and-ink design. The image frame is made out of chain link design. The illustration is of the character Count Valmont from the epistolary novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses (1782) by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. In the top left corner is hand-lettered “Les Liaisons Dangereuses,” in caps; the initial “L” in both words is in an ornate design. “BY CHODERLOS DE LACLOS” [caps] is hand printed in caps near the bottom left. Count Valmont faces the viewer frontally, in three-quarters figure, with his head turned slightly to the side. He has curly black hair that extends past his shoulders. He is wearing a loose-fitting grey tunic with a small ring pattern around the top edge of the neckline, which hangs off the left shoulder. The pattern is also found on his left sleeve just below the elbow. His left hand is splayed out from the wrist. His right hand is tucked into the fabric of his sleeve and pressed against his side. The artist’s initials “AB” are printed on the left side below the bottom edge of the frame.