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The framed illustration, in portrait orientation, uses a line-block reproduction of Beardsley’s pen-and-ink design. The small frame image is surrounded by wide margins. The illustration is of early nineteenth-century composer Carl Maria Von Weber. “CARL MARIA VON WEBER” [caps] is hand printed in the top left corner of the image. The artist’s initials are printed in the bottom left: “AB” [caps]. Carl stands on the left side of the image in three-quarters view facing to the right. Carl has curly black hair. He is wearing a heavy fur-lined cloak; a black tassel hangs off the left side of his cloak. He is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and white trousers. He has black slippers on. His left hand is outstretched and in it he holds a black cane and a brimmed black hat; the hat has white lines running vertically down its top. White curtains hang on the right behind Carl, as if he is standing on stage and taking a bow.