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The framed illustration, in portrait orientation, uses a line-block reproduction of Beardsley’s pen-and-ink design. The small framed image is surrounded by wide margins. The illustration is a caricature of the nineteenth-century German composer Felix Mendelssohn Batholdy. “FELIX MENDELSSOHN BATHOLDY” [caps] is hand printed in the top right corner of the image. The artist’s initials are printed in the bottom left: “AB” [caps]. Felix sits in an upholstered wing chair facing right, his head turned to face the viewer. He sits at a table covered in a white cloth, a white feather quill in his left hand. His head is exaggerated in proportion, and is much larger than the rest of his body. He has black curly hair that reaches past his ears. Felix is wearing a large white bow tie and a black jacket. The right edge of an ornate mantel is visible on the left side of the image. The right leg of the mantel features a curling pattern at its bottom and top. A similar though smaller pattern continues on the shelf. There is a dark rug on the ground in front of the mantel, patterned with a crescent moon design. The wall the mantel is mounted onto ends in a corner right behind Felix’s head.