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The line-block reproduction of Womrath’s pen-and-ink drawing is bordered by a square frame consisting of a black line, white line, black line, and then a final white line. It is in portrait orientation. The image is of a female figure reclining on a sofa chair or lounge in a decorated room with a multi-paned window. She is facing left, so that only the left side of her face is visible in profile. In her left hand she is holding a stack of broadsheet papers or a magazine that she is reading. Her dark hair extends down the back of her neck. She is wearing a long-sleeved black dress that extends past her feet in a ruffled flounce. The dress is patterned with white, upside-down double S shapes and the collar of the dress is lined with white frills. The back of the sofa chair is patterned with straight black lines and polka dots; the chair seat is covered in a highly decorated fabric containing is a series of patterns repeating in straight lines. These patterns include floral, geometric, and linear designs. The floor in the foreground is inked black. Etched onto the black wallpaper is a pattern of sunflowers drawn to look as if they sprout behind the wood paneling or wainscotting which runs in vertical strips below. The sunflowers alternate between tall and short stems. The top left corner of the illustration consists of a window made up of 16 panes separated by a white grid. On the bottom grid on the far left is a white rectangle where the author has signed his name: “A Kay Womrath.” On the other side of the windoware the are the leaves and blossoms of a chestnut tree in spring. The leaves display a five-leaf pattern and the white star-flowers form into conical tapers, broad at the base and narrow at the top.