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The line-block reproduction after a pen and ink sketch is contained within a rectangular lined border and is in portrait orientation. The image shows a woman inside a walled garden at night. The top fifth of the image shows the stippled grey sky, with a waxing crescent moon in the upper right. The black brick wall takes up the middle three-fifths of the image; the top bricks are white irregular blocks. In front wall, there is grey grass stippled in the same way as the night sky. Vines and brambles coil from the bottom of the image up the wall and over the top. The vines on the ground and at the bottom of the wall are black while the ones at the top of the wall are white. On the left side of the image stands a white column at about waist height with a sundial on top. The woman stands in between a sundial and a brick wall, facing right in profile and bending over to grasp the fines and brambles in front of her. She has a white flower in her left hand and is picking a flower with her right hand. She is bowed over so that her head is at the same level as the top of the wall. She has long wavy hair that reaches down past her shoulders. She is wearing a white dress with long sleeves. Her dress is patterned with an evenly spaced floral design consisting of five petals diverging from a central point. At the bottom right within the outer edge of the border reads the artist’s name: “FRED HYLAND” [caps].