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The halftone reproduction of an oil painting of Arthur Symons done by Jacques E. Blanche is in portrait orientation. The sitter is seated on a chair, facing forward. The chair is not clearly defined and blends into the black background. In the background behind his head is a light grey door. Symons is sitting facing the viewer with his right elbow on his right knee. He is slightly hunched over. He has black hair and a black mustache. He has a white collared dress shirt on with a dark bowtie at his neck. His black overcoat is buttoned across the lower chest. The sleeves of Symon’s overcoat end just before the white cuffs of his dress shirt, which extend to his wrists. The cufflink on his right wrist is visible. He is wearing a ring on his right pinky finger. In his left hand, Symons holds a light coloured hat between his knees. His pants are a dark grey with visible brush strokes running down the legs. A watch chain hangs from his left breast pocket and runs down the centre of his shirt.