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The double-line framed cover, in portrait orientation, combines a line-block reproduction of a pen-and-ink design with letterpress. Across the top of the page appears the title in display type: “THE SAVOY” [large caps]. Below the title is the centred subtitle in a smaller font that reads: “AN ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY” [caps]. On the subsequent line below, left aligned, is “No. 7”. Centred is the date: “November 1896” and right aligned is: “Price 2/-”. On the line below and printed in a lighter font reads: “EDITED BY ARTHUR SYMONS” [small caps]. This publishing information takes up the top third of the cover design, within its own bordered section. The illustration below, occupying two-thirds of the cover design, features two central figures on a pathway curving across the foreground with short plants and grasses in front of the path. The figure on the right is a man facing in profile to the left; he is almost the height of the illustration section of the cover. He stands midstep with his left elbow at his side and his left hand stretched out before him. His right hand is raised to eye-level and in it, he holds an open book. He is wearing a wrap or turban around his head with his hair sticking out the front and back. He is wearing round glasses and has an ascot tied about his neck. His white smock extends just beyond his knees. His white pants are tucked into his back shoes. To his left on the path is a smaller, Pierrot figure, turning back to look up at the first man. Pierrot stands at shoulder height to the first figure. Pierrot has a downturned mouth and downturned eyes. He is wearing a striped tunic that extends to his knees with a thin white belt tied around his waist. The bottoms of his breeches are tucked into knee-length black socks and he has white shoes. Stretching out past the pathway, in the background, is a field that rises to a horizon a third of the way up the page. At the horizon’s edge, centred in the middle ground, stands a four-bladed windmill. The sky is clear other than a few birds in a curving line and a cloud on the right edge. In the foreground on the path stand two figures. Aubrey Beardsley’s initials “AB” [caps] are featured in a white box in the bottom right corner of the image.