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The image is in portrait orientation. The image is an advertisement for Paul Naumann’s services and shows four boxes of textual publishing information with a floral design behind the boxes. At the bottom edge of the page are the roots of the flowers that extend up to the top edge. There are three roots based at the bottom edge. The roots are evenly spaced out across the width of the page. The roots appear as curled horizontal lines cut through in the middle with straight vertical lines. The roots and flower stalks are all dark coloured. Around the roots at the bottom edge is a looping piece of vine that looks like a rope. The vines then extend up vertically and wrap around the two exterior flowers all the way up the page. There is a bunch of berries in the middle two spaces between the flower stalks. Slightly up the page from the bottom edge is a long rectangular text box. In the single-edge box is the text: “Designer, Engraver on Wood & Photozincographer, &c.” The text is italicized and black on a white background. Above the box in the background is the flower stalks and vines, with two branches of leaves extending out horizontally. Slightly above and only on the right half of the page is another text box. This box is tall and rectangular, with a double-edged border. The box contains the text: “Paintings, Drawings, // Photographs, etc., // Reproduced by either Wood Engraving, // HALF-TONE, [caps] or LINE PROCESS. [caps] // Manuscripts, Catalogues, // ETC., ETC., // Illustrated throughout by the best // ARTISTS. [caps] // Artistic Printing // A SPECIALTY. [caps] // ARTISTS [caps] are invited to send Drawings, // etc., as, owing to large connection with // Publishers and Art Editors, we have great // facilities for disposing of Drawings or // Copyright of same.” Just above this text box is where the flowers bloom out from their stalks. The three flowers from the dark roots are dark ovals of leaves with four white daffodil flowers evenly populated. The two flowers from the vines are light and the petals are patterned dark and light in a repetitive order. The centre dark flower and two vine flowers are in line just below the next text box, and the two outer edge dark flowers rise up higher on either side of the text box. The text box says: “P. Naumann.”. This is written in the largest and boldest text on the page, with a double-edged border around it. There is one more text box above it and this one says: “65, 69 & 71. Pentonville Road N.”. The box is bordered with a single line. Two more leaf branches extend out horizontally in the background of these two highest text boxes. Behind all the flowers and vines is a stippled background. There is no border around the image.