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The halftone engraving of Beardsley’s sketch is in portrait orientation. The image shows a woman standing with her back to the viewer, positioned slightly left of centre within a long rectangular box that is shaded in black around her. The woman is wearing a long white dress, which is entirely plain apart from a white shawl wrapped around her shoulders and falling to her waistline. The woman is wearing a small brimmed hat that sits perpendicular to the ground and covers the whole back of her head. She has a few strands of light hair peeking out from the right side of the hat. The woman has no visible body parts, only the dress and hat she is wearing are viewable. She appears to be standing on nothing, with everything exterior to her just appearing black. There is some black space within the single-edged frame above her and below her, along with a slim margin on the left, and a larger margin on her right. In the bottom right corner is the artist’s name: “AUBREY BEARDSLEY” [caps].