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This line-block reproduction of Womrath’s pen-and-ink drawing is in portrait orientation. The image shows two women on a balcony or terrace overlooking the sea with roses strewn around their feet; one of the women sits and plays a lyre while the other leans on the railing and listens. In the foreground along the bottom edge of the composition are many strewn roses both light and darkly coloured. Underneath some of the roses in the bottom left is an open book with a few horizontal lines visible across the two pages. Two tambourines are in the bottom right corner, one leaning against a stone bench, the other lying on the ground. In the extreme foreground of the right corner is a woven basket full of roses. The large stone seat behind these objects on the right is decorated with etched flower garlands tied with a bow across the front surface. The woman playing the lyre is sitting in profile on top of this seat, facing left. She is wearing a long dress with a vertical line design that falls past her feet and gathers on the ground. She has dark hair that is gathered in a loose bun at the nape of her neck. She has three large roses tied into her hair on the left side of her head. Her arms are bent to hold the sides of the lyre, which is resting on top of her lap. Emerging from the right edge above her are branches with apples. The branches extend above the player’s head and across her left side. To the left, resting against the railing, is another woman. Her body faces right side, and her cheek rests on her left hand, while her left elbow rests on the balcony railing. The woman has her face turned to the viewer and is visible in three-quarters profile. She is wearing a polka dotted dress that falls around her feet, and has three-quarter length sleeves that are tightened around her elbow with a black ribbon. She has a belt tied just below her bust and the dress has a low neckline with ruffles around the edge. Her hair is dark and tied up loosely in a bun at the back of her head. There are two black bows appearing on either side of her head. She has her right arm resting along the right side of her body, and in her right hand is a lute hanging down behind her. Her eyes are closed and her face is peaceful. The railing on which she leans has plain spindles with an ornamented handrail. The piece of railing that travels horizontally across the bottom is also ornamented with a floral etching. In the background of the railing is a dark sea that appears to have a single sailboat floating to the right in the distance. There is a dark sky above the sea, with a small opening in the sky of white just behind the boat.