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The cover design combines letterpress and a line-block reproduction of Beardsley’s pen-and-ink drawing and is in portrait orientation. The publishing information fillis the top third of the page and a visual image fills the bottom two-thirds. The cover design is outlined in a double-lined border on all sides, with another double-lined horizontal border separating the publishing information from the visual imagery. The publishing information includes the title text: “THE SAVOY” [caps] centered in the top line in large display type. In the line below is the text: “AN ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY” [caps]. Below this is a line of text aligned to the left, centre, and the right, respectively: “No. 5 // September 1896 // Price 2/-”. In the line below is the text: “EDITED BY ARTHUR SYMONS” [caps]. The visual image below is in a near perfect square shape and is heavily inked in black. The composition features two figures on the right, a man and a woman, standing in a park with trees, statues, and a small pond. On the far right of the composition is a woman in profile, dressed entirely in black. To her left, facing the viewer, but with his head turned slightly towards his companion, is a man dressed in the white dress of a Pierrot. He is wearing a long-sleeved white shirt that is baggy and falls slightly over the front of his white baggy pants. His dark curly hair emerges from a large white hat. His left arm extends straight out to the centre of the composition. The black dress of the woman on the right blends into the background of the dark forest behind the two figures. Her dress neckline is a boat-neck that shows some of her stark white chest. She has dark curly hair that emerges from underneath a black hat. The left and top edges of the image are lined with branches that have many small buds of leaves. Facing each other on a diagonal across the pond are two statues or hermes. The statue on the far side of the pond and in the middleground of the composition is in irregular hour-glass shape. The statue on the left of the composition and closer to the foreground is a tall rectangular prism with a grotesque face in profile emerging from the right side. The face has an open mouth and raised eyebrows with a long nose. On top of the rectangular prism is a sphere made of the same stone. To the right of this statue and backgrounded behind the figures is the small pond. The water is still and there is forest surrounding it along the far side edge. In the foreground on the left side of the image is a small clump of blooming flowers, including daffodils, iris, and bleeding hearts. In the bottom left corner there is the text: “GIULIO FLORIANI.” [caps].