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The image is in portrait orientation and printed in black ink. The image is an advertisement titled “The Wedding Present Difficulty” and shows two sections of advertising copy in addition to the title and advertiser’s contact information, with flowers and flourishes dividing up the sections. The advertisement’s title is located in the top left corner of the page, contained within an oval cartouche composed of flourishing ribbons and leavesof flourishing designs, with a rose on either side of the text. These flourishing designs extend out from the top of the oval to frame the image along the top edge and from the bottom of the oval to divide the body text in a curving diagonal line extending from the top left of the image to the bottom right. The diagonal line connects the oval cartouche containing the advertisement’s title to the oval cartouche containing the advertiser’s contact information. These flourishing designs are decorated with winged hearts along the top and several bunches of roses, a crescent moon, and bumblebees along the diagonal. The upper section of the image contains the text: “Is it not to give something which shall be beautiful; have a permanent value of high order; contain evidences of thoughtful personal interest; and at the same time be appropriate, yet absolutely unique? The “Repoussé” bound books supplied by Cedric Chivers meet these desiderata. Each volume may be treated with a special and original design in modelled leather work with colored or gilt decoration. The book may have as special features of the design the favourite flower, symbol, crest or monogram of the recipient. This method of decoration admits the display of the most artistic treatment and a gift so bound is a joy to the giver and a thing of beauty ever to those who receive it.” This section of text is decorated throughout with roses, fleurons, and doves. The lower section of the image, below the diagonal line, contains the text: “Jewel-cases, stationery, cabinets, etc. are supplied decorated in a similar way and a guarantee is given that each design is unique. An exhibition of Repoussé leather work is on view in London at the Library Bureau, 10 Bloomsbury St. W.C. where instructions for orders may be given.” This text is interspersed with several roses. At the bottom right of the image is a second oval cartouche outlined in flourishing designs, similar to the first, containing the advertiser’s contact information, which reads: “Cedric Chivers Bath & 10 Bloomsbury St. WC.”