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The wood-engraved image after a drawing by Max Beerbohm is in portrait orientation. The image shows a caricature of a male figure standing in the centre of the page with no border around him. The man takes up three-quarters of the page height and one-third of the page width. The man is standing turned slightly to the left of the page with his feet pointed apart in either direction. He has polished black shoes underneath his checked three-piece suit. The vest has four light buttons going up the front; underneath is a horizontally striped black-and-white button-up dress shirt with a stiff upright collar under the chin with a checked bow tie. On the left side of his jacket, just above the heart, the man has a boutonniere made of a white puff of material with black feathers sticking out from the top half. His left arm is bent out, with his hand tucked into his left jacket pocket. Hanging from his left elbow is a walking cane. His right arm is positioned with his elbow bent so that his right hand is lifted up to his right shoulder. His right hand is held out horizontal with the ground. His head is oversized for his body. His face is turned to the left, giving the viewer a three-quarters profile. He has a long pointed nose aimed towards the bottom left. His mouth is pulled up to the left side of his face, giving him the look of a smirk. His eyes are closed, showing only long eyelashes and bags under the eyes giving way to smile wrinkles at the outer corners. He has straight dark eyebrows. A slight bit of dark hair is visible on the left side of his head, peeking out from underneath a low-brimmed hat, possibly a boater. The hat is light coloured with a black piece of material wrapping around the crown. The area around his feet is shaded slightly with tightly cross-hatched lines that lighten as the extend out from a circle directly underneath him. To the left of his right knee is the text identifying the subject:: “Mr. Arthur Roberts”. To the right of his left ear is the artist’s signature: “Max.”